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Chain, Belt Or Shaft Drive For A Trike

Best Final Drive System For A Trike – Chain, Belt Or Shaft Drive?

This is an ongoing question with Trikes.  Which of the three main Final Drive Systems do we use to get all that power onto the ground?  Do we use a chain drive, a Belt Drive or a Shaft Drive? In this article we will discuss the pros and cons of each and why each has its own place in the Trike World.

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Aptera Trike

Aptera Trike – It failed but not because it wasn’t great!

When it comes to trikes there are some REAL weird designs out there.  There are also some really boring ones.  Then there are designs like this.  This takes me back to my childhood.  This makes me believe we can make cars fun again.  This Aptera Trike was going to be amazing but it got stopped by money, well the lack of it actually.

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Scorpion P6 Trike Black

Scorpion P6 Trike – Your Own F1 Racecar That Is Street Legal

I think the hardest part of writing this blog about Trikes is seeing how many absolutely fantastic trikes don’t make it.  The Scorpion P6 is another one of these. I have tried to contact the owners but to no avail. I will keep you updated if they get back to me but all I can say is that the P6 is the closest vehicle to an F1 car or Indy Car that I have seen.  It is a beast both in looks and in performance and should definitely still be available.

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Campagna T-Rex 16s

Campagna T-Rex 16s Trike – Highest Performance For The Cost Of A Sedan

The Campagna T-Rex 16s is one of the best Trikes to ever be on the market.  Fast, great maneuverability and comfortable, this trike beats most high performance cars and costs the same as a decent sedan.  Reviewing the trike today is Saabkyle04 where he drives the trike and puts it through its paces.

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Campagna V13R Trike

Campagna V13R Trike Review By Saabkyle04

Today I’ll be taking an up-close-and-personal in-depth look at the Campagna V13R.  In this review we'll start it up, take it on a thorough drive and show you many of the unique aspects throughout the interior as well as exterior.  So without further ado, let's go and hop on in start her up let it run.

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Morgan 3-Wheeler Trike Side

Morgan 3-Wheeler. No Other Trike Has Won More Smiles.

Morgan has been making cars in England for over a century.  Their latest incarnation of the old 1910’s 3-Wheeler is a masterpiece that takes you back to what driving is all about.  Cheap to buy, cheap to run and looking NOT cheap at all, makes this a great way to get to work and still have a play car for the weekend.  In all the reviews I have watched and read, no other car makes the test divers smile like the Morgan 3-Wheeler.

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Turbo Phantom 3-Wheeler Trike

Turbo Phantom 3-Wheeler Trike – It should have been made!

Ron Will said, “I think in the back of every car designer’s mind there is this desire to build a car entirely of their own design with no constraints from a studio chief, engineering package, or market survey to guide them. That itch for me was what got me into car design in the first place.”  The Turbo Phantom was his only design to meet these NON-restrictions.  Let’s look at an iconic 3-Wheel Trike and why it should have been made.

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