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The 9 Different Types Of Trikes

The 9 Different Types Of Trikes

There are 9 different types of trikes. The problem is, there has not been an unanimous agreement about what we should call them. I suggest we all agree on the following types. Reverse Trike, Delta Trike, Reverse Motortrike, Delta Motortrike, Reverse Pedaltrike, Delta Pedaltrike, Pedal Drift Trike, Motorized Drift Trike and Child's Tricycle.  If everyone calls them the same thing, then when people search for what they want, they will be able to find it!

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Chain, Belt Or Shaft Drive For A Trike

Best Final Drive System For A Trike – Chain, Belt Or Shaft Drive?

This is an ongoing question with Trikes.  Which of the three main Final Drive Systems do we use to get all that power onto the ground?  Do we use a chain drive, a Belt Drive or a Shaft Drive? In this article we will discuss the pros and cons of each and why each has its own place in the Trike World.

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Space Frame For Trike

Choosing The Right Frame For A Trike – And Why It Matters

In the simplest terms, choosing the right Frame for a trike can make all the difference.  Vehicles that have high torsional rigidity deliver a superior ride, superior handling and better response to driver input. Improving the torsional rigidity of a vehicle allows the suspension to work more efficiently and predictably. Vehicles with high torsional rigidity will see more travel in the suspension, as the chassis isn’t moving. Considering the suspension uses dampers and the chassis doesn’t, it makes sense why you want the suspension to move and not the chassis.  

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TriVelle 3 Wheel Car Trike

The TriVette 3 Wheel Car – Breaking All The Rules

When a country has its oil price go up over four times (America 1973, Oil went from $3 a barrel to $12) and the government starts talking about a fuel tax, people begin thinking outside of the box.  Bob Keyes was one of those people and he saw an opportunity to produce a 3-Wheel Car (Trike) to combat the problem. The Trivette Trike delivered four times the fuel economy of an average American car with an increase in handling and performance.

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Terracraft Trike Leaning Into A Corner

Does Leaning A Trike Into Corners Make It Handle Better?

The short answer is, “Yes”.  It makes the trike handle a lot better (as leaning does to a motorbike and as it would to a four wheel car) because it changes the position of the vehicles centre of mass and counteracts the centripetal force a vehicle experiences during cornering.  See the video below to see how it works.

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Polaris Slingshot Trike

Why Does The Trike Have The Highest Fun To Dollar Ratio?

I’ve had a few really nice daily drivers in my time.  I had a 1991 Honda NSX which is one of my favorites. A BMW 535i with a couple of sweet modifications to make it hum and a Jaguar XJS12 for the power and prestige. BUT none of them compare to a 3-wheeler trike for the “Fun To Dollar Ratio”.  Let’s see why.

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Trike Seating Layout

Trike Seating Layout – Tandem Or Side By Side?

Seating layouts in a Trike come in four different forms.  Single seat, middle. Tandem seats, middle. Side by side seats and One Front Middle, Two Rear.  Other than those configurations, the only thing you can do is to move the position of the seats forward or backward depending on whether the trike is a delta (one wheel forward and two rear) or Tadpole (Two wheels forward and one wheel rear).  Is one configuation better than the others?   Which one is right for your trike?

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Vanderhall Venice Trike

What Engines Can I Put In A Trike?

When we look at building a trike, we have to decide on the question of what engine should we choose?  At this point in time there are a multitude of options all of which have different parameters that they bring to the table.  Electric, In Wheel Electric, Petrol Hybrid, Diesel Hybrid, Motorcycle Engine or Car Engine.  

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Aptera Trike

Reverse Or Delta Trike, Which Is Better?

When it comes to trikes there are several parameters that change the trike dramatically. The main one is the wheel configeration because it affects the balance of the trike. There are two main options when considering a three-wheeler, Two wheels Front and one wheel rear (2F1R) which is known as a TADPOLE and the other is One Front Wheel and Two Rear Wheels (1F2R) which is known as a DELTA configuration.

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Why Write About The Trike?

If you want a vehicle that delivers brutal performance, is moderately priced, has a solid amount of prestige, is safe, comfortable and cheap to maintain then the Trike is for you.

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