Pedal Trikes (Velomobiles)

Pedal Trikes

The Pedal Trike or Velomobile is the cutting edge of aerodynamics and pedal power.  People chasing the highest speeds and longest distances in a pedal powered machine.  Although this website is not particularly about Pedal Trikes, I am often inspired by the aerodynamic designs that are being built.  As I come across interesting ones I will post them here.

Leonardo Leuci Pedal Trike

[Leonardo Leuci Pedal Trike volomobile]

[Leonardo Leuci Pedal Trike Facing Left]

[Leonardo Leuci Pedal Trike Facing Right]

[Leonardo Leuci Pedal Trike Rear]

Leonardo Leuci is from Italy.  He has developed this Pedal Trike himself.  The frame is welded then covered in fiberglass.  He says it would be better if the body was done in carbon fiber as it would be stronger and lighter.

[Leonardo Leuci Pedal Trike Interior]

[Leonardo Leuci Pedal Trike Open]

[Leonardo Leuci Pedal Trike Side]

[Leonardo Leuci Pedal Trike Canopy Open]

Firefly Pedal Trike by Geo-Space Studio

[Firefly Pedal Trike Velomobile]

[Firefly Pedal Trike Open]

[Firefly Pedal Trike Running]

[Firefly Pedal Trike Snow]

The Firefly Pedal Trike was designed by Geo-Space Studios.  Unfortunately it seems that they have gone out of business as their website is down.  I particularly like the design of this for two reasons.  One, it is really light and two, you can light the whole shell with LED's to make it perfectly visible at night.  Great effort.

[Firefly Pedal Trike Opening 1]

[Firefly Pedal Trike Opening 2]

[Firefly Pedal Trike Opening 3]

[Firefly Pedal Trike Night]

Elf Pedal Trike

[Elf Pedal Trike Velomobile]

[Elf Pedal Trike Fast]

[Elf Pedal Trike Side]

[Elf Pedal Trike White]

The Elf is classified as a bicycle in all 50 states of America, ‘ELF’, the three-wheeled solar and pedal powered electric assist velomobile by American Organic Transit, morphs the advantages of bicycle and automotive transportation into a waterproof body. Fully equipped with lights, signals, and mirrors, the one-seater vehicle incorporates 60 watt roof top solar panels that charge the vehicle’s 480w lithium battery to provide up to a 30 mile range when full.

[Elf Pedal Trike Bronze]

[Elf Pedal Trike Rear]

[Elf Pedal Trike Details]

[Elf Pedal Trike Everyday]

[Elf Pedal Trike Everyday]