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Turbo Phantom 3-Wheeler Trike

Turbo Phantom 3-Wheeler Trike – It should have been made!

Ron Will said, “I think in the back of every car designer’s mind there is this desire to build a car entirely of their own design with no constraints from a studio chief, engineering package, or market survey to guide them. That itch for me was what got me into car design in the first place.”  The Turbo Phantom was his only design to meet these NON-restrictions.  Let’s look at an iconic 3-Wheel Trike and why it should have been made.

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Messerschmitt KR200 Trike

Famous 3-Wheeler Trikes From History – Messerschmitt KR200

There are a few trikes that we owe a lot to.  One of them is the Messerschmitt KR200. One of the early micro cars designed just after WWII when the attitude of saving was high, it blazed the trail for cars that were built to transport two people and keep the costs as low as possible.  I have said it before but it needs to be said until people start acting on it. We need to stop driving two-ton cars around to transport one or two people.  3-Wheeler Trikes are the answer.

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Trike Seating Layout

Trike Seating Layout – Tandem Or Side By Side?

Seating layouts in a Trike come in four different forms.  Single seat, middle. Tandem seats, middle. Side by side seats and One Front Middle, Two Rear.  Other than those configurations, the only thing you can do is to move the position of the seats forward or backward depending on whether the trike is a delta (one wheel forward and two rear) or Tadpole (Two wheels forward and one wheel rear).  Is one configuation better than the others?   Which one is right for your trike?

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